Frequently asked questions

What can I expect?

Cavan performs more close-up gigs than any other booking. He delivers high quality entertainment, mixing with the guests seamlessly and performing with a unique self-built reportoire unlike any other magician. Reading minds, predicting the future and influencing your choices - Cavan's magic is focused around mentalism. You will be delighted and astounded at his skills... he is 5-star rated across the board!

How much does it usually cost?

Of course, every booking is different. It depends a lot on how many people will be entertained and the length of time Cavan will perform. Get in touch for a quote today on 07825138822 and ask about your event.

Where can Cavan perform?

Cavan is available to perform anywhere in the North West.

When can Cavan perform?

Currently Cavan is available 7 days a week, every day of the year (excluding Christmas Day only). Book for New Year early - it is his most requested day!