Its here! I am so proud of how this turned out and - this is now available on my merch site as a single item! I made this because I wanted one! But hey, if you want one too they are on sale right now!

The Black Jack Backpack (try saying that when you're drunk) is the top item in the range of JACK merch. In stylish black and white with the JACK logo on the front pocket, this can be your new magic bag or your new every-day-carry! I know it will be mine.

Also available: The Black Jack Pouch. Store your smaller magic items inside and carry with you on the go!

Story behind this.

For the longest time I wanted a magic bag that felt personalised in some way. Sure, this is just a backpack. It won't be replacing my case for gigs... but I will be carrying this with me to conventions, packing my gear in this for filming street magic and using this as my new bag for days out, trips, some light magic now and again.

The design took some time to perfect. I first started with photography of me looking dead serious to get the face structure and the basic outline of what I looked like. Daniel Schneider then took those photos and worked on my card. I wanted to be the Jack of Diamonds, as you can tell. He took my ugly mug and made it into a card! That was insane. Print by Magic UK then printed 52 off for me (I gave 51 away so I actually only have 1 left... oops) and I decided I wanted to alter this design to be a sleek logo.

So where does anyone go when they want a specific art style done for them? Fiverr. Yep. An artist called Blos Grafitti took the card that Daniel had made and created a flame-ridden, black and white poppy design that I love!

Infact, I loved it so much it became the cover of Plethora, my January 2020 magic book. I then trialed it on t-shirts, stickers and hoodies and it looked great - but I was still chasing the bag. Teespring came to the rescue with the sleek white fronted, black-backed, super-minimal look with the logo on the front pocket. Couldn't ask for more.