The Dystopian Deck started as a question: what would magic, cardistry and playing cards look like at the end of the world? Then I realised: perhaps Dystopia is not the future. Perhaps it is now.

As well as the images of oppression, I also wanted to capture the raw sense of rebellion and uprising through the smog of this bleak society the deck comes from. 

This is a deck from a world, where freedom is frowned upon, the people are being silenced and stripped of the necessity for free speech, free lives and happiness. The court cards are the leaders of the deck, and in this post-pandemic scenario, the leaders are either blinded or unable to speak out.

The red cards are a deeper, blood-soaked red and Ace of Spades has been marked by rioting and uproar. The border of the cards is quite literally a border - of barbed wire. And to cap it all off, the watch tower stands eerily as a silhouette in a cruel sky.

I hope you find the Dystopian Deck compelling, and wish to join us 

in Camp 52.